Friday, October 23, 2009


Today I'm watching the Pollak kids and loving it! It's so fun to be with them because they are so well behaved and listen. Whenever I'm here it makes me think of how it would be if I were a stay at home mom one day. Sometimes it's a little bit of work but, like I said, they are so well behaved that it just makes it enjoyable. It reminds me of how important discipline is in parenting. Not that I have any experience at all in this area so I am ffarrr from an expert. From from even knowing what I am talking about really :) But I know that these kids are disciplined and not only that, but they are sweet as pie! I feel the same way when I'm with my sister Lindsay's kids. They are so much fun to be around because they are GOOD kids. And like her husbands says, "You don't just have good or bad raise your kids to be good or bad."
For now, watching them for an afternoon is just fine with me. I don't think that Trent and I (or our marriage) is ready for kids, but maybe one day...
Sometimes its so hard to be at work because I THINK that I want to be in this place, staying home with my kids...but, that time will come soon enough. And there is good and bad about every part of life. Being here, I don't see the struggles that a stay at home mom faces. I just get to feed them, play with them, and hang out.
I'm definatly looking forward to that time, but...for now, it's ok to be where we are!

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