Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day #1

So after reading everyone else's blogs, I decided it was time to make my own! However, I contemplated this for awhile because, well #1. I really don't have a very interesting life to blog about and #2. More of #1 lol. Oh well, maybe as I go, I will think of exciting thing in Trent and I's life!
This week has been pretty slow, Monday and Tuesday I was home sick, not with the dreaded H1N1 though thankfully! I'm sort of taken back by how many cases of it there is though, I thought that is was just something that the media (like many other things) was blowing up. I still don't think that it is as bad as they are saying though. I've heard of a number of people who have had it and...what do you know...are still alive! :) We'll see though, I guess I could be eating my words in a few months, maybe it's just starting...
The only other interesting thing that happened this week was that one morning I work up, got in the shower, and started getting ready for work...and kept thinking that I heard our smoke alarms going off from the bathroom. At first I just thought I was a little nuts and hearing things, so I went into the bedroom to check it and when I tried to take it was dripping water! I went into the other bedroom to check that one and there was a steady stream of water coming from it. Weird...
So we called the management office (I think I would love to own a home, but that call is just so much easier than dealing with it ourselves ;), so anyway, they came and looked at it and when I got home, no more water. But I was still wondering what on earth would make water run from smoke detectors (no sprinkler system anywhere), so I went to the office and casually asked they what in the heck it was. Turns out....our "neighbors" (the people who live above us and run around all night and jump off furniture lol)..overflowed their TOLIET! Mind you, the bathroom is a ways from the to think about what a mess that would have had to been to be leaking into OUR apartment, through the ceiling. And on that absolutely discusting moment. THE END!

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