Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night we found out that Trent's dad lost his job, after being there 20+ years. It's hard to watch someone you care about go through something like this, but for me, it's even harder to have to watch Trent. Though they have been through alot, he will always be his dad. I see that come out when things like this happen. He might get frustrated with his dad but theres also a genuine love between them, and sometimes it just doesn't show until something like this happends.
Situations like this (I think anyway) test your marriage and relationship like crazy. Last night we finally had an evening to spend togather and we had literally just sat down when his dad knocked on the door, came in, told us what happend, then stayed the night. So..I went to bed alone, to let them talk and sort things out. A few things could have happend-- 1.) I could have gotten upset because "YOUR dad...etc". or 2.) Trent could have taken out his frustrations and worry about his dad, out on me. Either way would have turned into a fight..and probably put a big damper on this weekend.
I guess the way I see it, we are in this togather. I was thinking about our marriage vows last night and how we promise "for better or for worse", and I was thinking that to promise someone that you will be there "for better" is kind of silly...I mean, marriages arn't ruined because of good healthy, good finances, and good times. They fall apart under the stress of sickness, financial struggles, and hard times. But anyway....sometimes I have moments were I tell Trent (whether we are arguing or just going through something tough), this is definatly a "for worse" moment, lol.
We weren't meant to go through life without struggles. We are SUPPOSED to have "for worse" moments and "in sickness" moments. So knowing that, will let us "ride out the storm when it comes". Something terrible and aweful isn't happening, it's going just the way it should, in the imperfect world that we live in.
And afterwards, something very cool happends. Whether it a bad fight that we have or dealing with a family member or whatever it may be....when we "get through it", its like this huge relief for 1. And 2...we grow so much closer and have that much more love and respect for each other.
If we never had to go through the storms.....our marriages would stay at the same stale place forever.

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  1. Hmmm... good thoughts, Carrie, and you are very wise to have this perspective. As life/marriage rolls on and things come and go... its good to stay grounded in truth. :) We will be praying for Trents family.