Sunday, November 29, 2009

So I met my husband this weekend....

Wednesday afternoon Trent and I headed to Kansas. Oooh Kansas....there's something about that place that just seems "right". I love everything about my parents house, mostly because it's always so full of people! Especially now that Trent and I are married and we are used to it just being the two of us at home.
It's far from perfect, nothing about our family is anywhere close to perfect or even functional. Most of the time people are arguing or drinking or telling less than "perfect" stories. But for some reason, none of that ever bothers me, because they are my family. And they genuinely care about each other. It's impossibly for me to "judge" them or even look badly upon them, because yes, we might have different lifestyles but who cares? It's my brother that I share a room and slept with when I was scared. It's my dad who would (and has) given me everything in his power. (Sorry, this is sounding a bit like a Hallmark movie ;)
But anyway, I love my family, and I love being in Kansas. But another part of Thanksgiving that was really great was seeing my husband!! It's seemed like lately that 8 months ago I married my absolute best friend in the world and wanted nothing more than to live with him, fight with him, and love him for the rest of our lives. But sort of happend. Our schedules changed and we never saw each other, so among that and lots of other issues, we started to look at each other like, "Who are you??" So it was great to have two 4 hour drives to just be with each other. And a long weekend to just hang out. Get to know each other games with our family..and of course, Trent got to go hunting and shooting with my brother and dad. I love how much they love him...
*Sigh) so anyway, it was a good weekend, great to relax and most importantly, get away from life for awhile and meet my husband again! :)

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